Travel to Niseko in Style! The Comfort and Convenience of White Liner Buses and Ski Rentals

When most winter enthusiasts think of Japan, one word comes to mind – JAPOW – the deep, fluffy powder snow found in Niseko, Hokkaido. Although, carrying heavy ski equipment and exhausting travel can be a barrier to experiencing some of the best skiing in the world. Luckily, trailblazing transport and rentals are making it easier than ever to ski the slopes of Niseko! With high-quality, yet affordable, bus options and rentals, getting to the Niseko powder snow slopes is now an enjoyable experience!

White Liner Buses

These buses are reinventing the way oversea travelers make the pilgrimage to Niseko. These stylish buses offer ample storage, cozy heating, and are sparkling clean. Unlike slower options, White Liners head straight for Niseko Hirafu, saving you from extended travel time so you can spend more time on the slopes. Better yet, their friendly English-speaking staff will help you.

Make reservations online for discounted tickets, or call their English-speaking representatives today at +81-11-624-8822! If seats are available, you can also make reservations the day of at the ticket counter, but due to popularity, it’s recommended that reservations are made in advance.

Private Bus Charter

Leave anywhere you want, anytime you want! For larger groups or those willing to spend a little more, private bus charters are also available for hire. This option is a perfect way to avoid waiting, so you can spend your precious time enjoying your trip.

Private Passenger Vans and Mini Buses are especially great for families travelling with small children. Keep an eye on your family, but relax and enjoy the company of loved ones completely stress-free!

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Don’t waste your energy lugging around heavy gear! There are plenty of rental options available in Niseko, Furano, and Hokkaido. You can even pick up and drop off reserved skis and equipment right at your hotel!
Rental shops offer three grades meet the needs of beginner, intermediate, and advanced skiers. The grades are as follows:


This grade is recommended for beginners looking for easy-to-use skis. These allow novices to hit the slopes with confidence and offer the most affordable pricing of the grades.


A wide array of famous brand skis and snowboards at affordable prices. Old models from the High-Grade are also available, which receive regular maintenance and extensive safety checks.


The latest and greatest from Japanese and overseas brands, with different skis and snowboards for various types of slopes, including powder and compact trails.

A wide range of ski and snowboard sizes are available, with focus on getting foreign visitors the right-sized gear. Moreover, rental shops have B-B-S certified maintenance technicians to help set up your skis and make sure everything is a perfect fit. Order in advance online to receive additional discounts, keep travel light and avoid the hassle of extreme overseas luggage!