How to Rent

Our operations for the 2020-2021 season have ended on March 31.
We are grateful to the many who have used us.
We look forward to serving you next season.

Coming​ soon!​ ​ Spring​ Rafting​ with​ Good​ Sports!
The​ White​ Waters​ of​ Niseko​ await​ you!!

Good Sport’s COVID-19 Rental Measures

All rental equipment will be sterilized for a few days once returned. After this interval, the equipment will be available to rent again.

Ski and snowboard boots are thoroughly dried in a dryer and then deodorized and sterilized.

A full set of brand-new accessories (gloves, goggles and beanie hat) will be available. After usage, please take these accessories with you.

How to Rent Ski/Snowboard

1. Book by online or by telephone

2. Settle items, days, pick-up place and drop-off place

Only credit card payment is accepted. You can use VISA, MASTER, JCB, and AMEX.

Please settle your payment within 2 days after completion of booking. Your booking will be canceled if payment is not completed by the due date.
**Please settle payment immediately if your travel is within 2 days.

You will get a confirmation e-mail. Check your booking details carefully. Contact us immediately if correction is necessary.

3. Receive your rental equipment

4. Return the equipment

The return will be pre-arranged by us when you receive the equipment. Please follow instructions for smooth return.

5. Reservation change or cancellation fees

Contact us to change or cancel your reservation.

High-Grade Skis
More than 22 days before use 1,000JPY
8-21 days before use 30%
3-7 days before use 50%
Less than 2 days before use 100%
Other rental service
2-5 days before use 30%
the day before use 40%
the day before use 40%
the day of use 100%

Powder Snow Paradise!
Enjoy Niseko